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To Caravan & Tonic's little slice of the big wide web!


Our gorgeous 'vans were born out of a desire to provide a vintage inspired, bespoke event service that can be fully tailored to suit any application, budget, venue and client; ensuring a unique and personal experience- every time.


If you're looking to find out more about our much-loved caravans, "Vinnie" and "Frankie", and everything these gorgeous vintage caravan bars have to offer for your wedding, corporate event, party or've come to the right place! Amongst these pages you'll also find the in's & out's of what we do and services offered. If you keep an eye out - you'll also come across an AMAZING Gin & Tonic recipe... You certainly have come to the right place today, haven't you ;)


Have a look around, get to know Vinnie and feel free to drop us a line anytime!


Happy Camping,

Keziah, Vinnie & Frankie


Photo credit: West Creative / Sandi Bertrand Photography

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