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How it all began:

I can already hear you asking "What exactly is Caravan & Tonic?" And I'm so glad you asked! Sit back, relax, and let us take you back to when it all began:


Once upon a time (1975, in fact!) a little 10ft York caravan was born. "Vinnie" (as our caravan was affectionately known) lived the happiest of lives, born into a family who loved to travel and explore! For many years, Vinnie saw the sights, adventured into new and unknown territory and lovingly sheltered his family from harm. And boy, did Vinnie do some miles!


After much exploring, Vinnie's family returned home to a farm outside of Perth where our little van was put out to pasture to enjoy the rest of his days after many years of happy service. As life goes, Vinnie's family also aged, and eventually were unable to take care of him anymore. Vinnie grew old in the yard and without his family's help he started to fall apart :(


Little did Vinnie know, over in the big smoke of Perth City one happy couple were dreaming of a life spent serving happy people from a fully restored vintage caravan bar! These two had been searching long and hard for the perfect van to launch their dream from and were close to giving up hope when they took a little drive out to Vinnie's farm.


As they pulled into the paddock and the dust began to settle - it was love at first sight! These two could see past Vinnie's rough exterior to the diamond they knew was hiding beneath. And just like that, Vinnie was given a second lease on life.


Fast forward five years and many wonderful adventures and the happy couple were visiting the South West region when they spotted "Frankie" on a rural property just out of Bunbury and knew it was time for the family to grow! Born in 1976 she had a busy life travelling near and far visiting many vintage fairs with her family, until life changed and Frankie was left all alone. Right now she is getting a few upgrades and we can't wait for you to see her progress. Frankie will be available for hire later in 2021 and we look forward to you joining in her adventures - she is quite the beauty.

Through Caravan & Tonic, Vinnie and Frankie will help provide a fully comprehensive event service for weddings, corporate functions, parties, backyard BBQ's, markets, fetes and more! Watch this space to see what else Vinnie and Frankie will get up to..


For more info on what we d o head on over to the "What We Do" page to suss it out, or feel free to get in touch at



Keziah, Vinnie & Frankie xx

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